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GENERATION O Global Citizens Festival, Central Park, NYC

CUL8R September 2014, NYC


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i want to call you all and tell you

but also you dont get it

so i wont ill just let you be

fine fine keep your eyes down

im looking higher and higher and higher!!!

(September 2014, NYC)

"BLACK MOON FACE" September 2014, NYC (Photo taken in Boston, MA in August 2014)

NEON HOTDOG FANTASIES (Papaya Dog, NYC, September 2014)

Today I pretend that I’m in the park or at the museum. Just as quite. The sun overheating my hidden freckles until I resort back to the Rothko in the cool white space. I am in a daze. I am in a daze.

— PG 9 2 14


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hello/goodbye July/August 2014, Niantic, CT/ NYC

l’orange sanguine


laughing at the last 38 hours

because my nose is still tingling

and my eyes haven’t quite opened yet

but i’m scrolling through these 12 pt font emails

with a smirk on my frosted lips

thinking about this great fucking city

"come into my bedroom"

"come into my bedroom"

my coffee’s cold now

but i’m sure that’s what you expected

when you picture me sitting here

thinking of you 

(August 2014, NYC)


Photo taken in Malibu, CA 2014

unknown #14 August 2014, NYC, Photo taken in Malibu, CA

le temps ici

time here happens differently.

it’s like a long artificial afternoon

of clicking and checking and ringing,

and it lasts so long, too long, 

you might actually die.

but then, it’s a night

skiing wide eyed into the dirty streets 

with your heart out to here

and your drink dripping quietly onto your sheer skirt,

and no ones looking because you’re all watching.

and then there’s the sun,

and the musky smell of morning

and it’s been a month,

and now it’s august 13th already.

i like the way that works

the way time tricks me like that

the way i hope to see you again

where time happens differently. 

(August 2014, NYC)

still life" August, 2014 NYC (Photo taken at the Eames house in Malibu, CA in December 2014)

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